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Charles & Evon Green are pastors with prophetic voices proclaiming the kingdom of God through righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Gods governmental authority and ways are being revealed as they teach His word, His will and His ways.  In this way the church of Jesus Christ is being equipped and empowered to shine as light in darkness and preserve like salt where corruption abounds.


Christian Faith Fellowship Church East was started on February 6, 2000 by Pastors Charles & Evon Green in the city of Milwaukee.  Located at 724 S. Layton Blvd on the southeast part of the city, At CFFC East the congregation is non-denominational and multi-racial in its ethnicity.  It is a place where God is loved and His love abounds to everyone in both words and deeds.


God has raised them up to impact the city of Milwaukee and nations by ministering the hope of Christ to the poor and afflicted, to prison inmates with hope of Re-entry to society with a renewed mind and transformed of life. Their goals are to see individuals, families and communities transition from disorder to divine order to the glory of God.


At our church, Gods glory is filling the valleys, debasing every mountain and hill, straightening every crooked thing, and smoothing the rough places in the lives of people. The salvation of God is being revealed for all to see the results of the rule Gods kingdom in the hearts of people.













Evon, together with her husband Charles, pastors Christian Faith Fellowship Church East in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her ministry is that of a Seer-Prophetess. She ministers throughout the United States and abroad with a strong anointing to bring deliverance, healing, and encouragement to the wounded and brokenhearted through the gift of the word of knowledge and the laying on of hands.


Fulfilling the God-given vision, she formed a women's ministry called “Vessels of Honor." Her most recent accomplishment is the completion of her first book, “L.O.O.S.E.D. : Leaving Our Oppressors, Securing Eternal Deliverance." This ministry tool is a workbook designed to aid believers in inner healing and deliverance. 

Evon is a successful business owner and author who is also an accomplished speaker and event organizer. She has held spiritual, motivational, and operational workshops in many US states, including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, South Carolina, New York, and New Hampshire, as well as her home state of Wisconsin. 


Currently, in full-time ministry, her motto is, "Be ye also ready."

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Charles Green wears the mantle of apostleship and is one of many voices declaring the way of righteousness in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. By holding forth the word of life, the church of our Lord Jesus is being perfected through the  5-fold ministry of Jesus Christ.


Charles and his wife, Evon are pastors’ of Christian Faith Fellowship Church East in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are preparing the saints to minister the fullness of the gospel in the harvest fields of the world and to overthrow the kingdom of Satan in every sphere of human existence.


God has taken Charles through effectual open doors of ministry in the United States, Canada, Trinidad, Sweden, and throughout Ghana, West Africa, Kenya and Tanzania of East Africa, Capetown, South Africa, Panama, and also in Eastern India.  In 2001 he appeared on “It’s A New Day” of Trinity Television in Winnipeg, Canada to speak concerning the relationship of the church and the nation of Israel.  In 2008 he was a guest on TBN’s Praise the Lord program.


Ministering with an apostolic mantle and prophetic inspiration, souls are saved and the Body of Christ is built up and established in present truth revelation of the scriptures.  Supernatural signs follow the preaching of the gospel in his ministry.

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